Mexican Flame Vine

Mexican Flame Vine

Facts and Care

  • Botanical Name:
    Senecio confusus
  • Colors Available:
  • Watering Needs:
    Average Water Needs – Keep Evenly Moist, Not Soggy
  • Sunlight Needs:
    Full Sun
  • Zone Hardy:
    Not Michigan Winter hardy; grow as an annual
  • Flowering Time:
    Early Spring through Fall


This popular climber will be one of the first plants to bloom in the Spring and one of the last to stop in the Fall.  It produces a fragrant, red-orange daisy flower that is great for attracting butterflies.  It can be used to climb up a trellis or you can put it in a pot on the patio and let it trail.  It will trail about 8 - 10' throughout the course of the season and should be spaced approximately 12 - 15" apart when planting.

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